Storage Units Simplify Your Life

Published on 2/26/2020
Our life is full of things that are given to us either by a family member or a friend that we want to keep. However, we eventually run out of closet or garage space to put these items that we want to keep. We then start to think where can we store such important items. A storage unit can serve as the full solution to keeping your special items in a secure safe place for year to come. 
Storage units can allow you the options of keeping items in a heated or none climate controlled unit. Make sure to know to keep temperature sensitive items out of units that can be affected by the the cold or the hot. 
Many people use storage units for their business product storage. Being able to access the items 24 hours 7 days a week makes storage units a great option for a business owner looking to store their products. One of the big reasons our customers use our storage units are for snowmobiles, atv's, Utv's, boats, or any other motorized toys. Our storage units are right on the snowmobile trail. The trail runs right thru our property here at Northern Lakes Storage. Our customers open up their storage unit doors. They then get on their snowmobiles and ride right out to the main trail. In the summer UTV and ATV riders do the same. They can enjoy a great day out on the trails of Northern Wisconsin and its beauty. Then park their machine back into the storage unit with no hassle.  The gas station is one block away from our facility. So gas and go !
Many people use our storage  facility for their outdoor storage needs. Our facility in Sayner, Wisconsin is within 20 minutes of 15 campsites. Our customers love to leave their camper or Rv on our outdoor storage grounds. The customer knows their vehicle or trailer will not have the hassle to trailer 300-400 miles . Keeping their camper, Rv, or boat at Northern Lakes Storage gives you options to always use your vehicle and knowing you will get their without worries of gas, flat tire, or accident. 
Storage indoor or outdoor can serve the purpose of storing items that we would not be able to keep due to space or time of use.
Give us the opportunity to help your with any storage needs you may need. We will follow up with your and make your stay with us very pleasant.